How long have you been a photographer?

Ya girl here has been shooting for 5 years now! I am a self-taught photographer and I'm constantly learning new things!

How do I get my photos?

I deliver your photos via email. It will be a link to your beautiful gallery. It's user friendly! I include a gallery assist that opens up and shows you all that you need to know to download and share your photos.

How long is the turnaround time?

It all depends on the season. Springtime is usually a slower time. Those photos, excluding weddings, typically get deliver about a month to a month and a half from the session DATE. Summer & Fall time take about 2 months from the session DATE to get back to you because wedding season starts picking up. All weddings take 3-4 months to deliver as weddings are higher in photo amount and sometimes I shoot weddings back to back!

do you have payment plans?

Yep! I know weddings can be expensive. We can chat about it at your signing meeting.

Do you pick the location or do i?

You pick! I usually ask what vibe you're going for and offer suggestions, but I am totally down to go anywhere.

is travel included in your sessions/Weddings?

Travel is not included in my regular sessions. It is tagged onto the total cost of your session. Weddings, on the other hand, I have a 300-mile radius that is included in my main package, anything out of the range is an extra $0.57/mile.

are props allowed in my session?

Sure! Just as long as it fits the theme of your session. Engagement? Bring something that symbolizes you and your person. Birthday? Bring those obnoxiously big number balloons! Headshots? Branding? Of course, bring what screams this is me!

do you photoshop us?

Oh, no no no. I believe everybody I work with is amazing and beautiful. I do the most basic retouching like little blemishes, red spots, random bruises, but NEVER make you look like a barbie doll.

do you give out the raw and unedited photos?

Absolutely NOT. That is like bad branding yourself. Never will I release the RAW images. Those pictures are not the ones to be seen. This is where my creativity and style come out and that's what I want to be seen.

do you have a studio space?

Currently, I do not have a studio space, but I have rented out a studio space before for my clients. That is tagged onto the total cost of your session.

do you travel?

YES YES YES! I have a travel bucket list I have put together on my travel page. :)

do you give print rights? Model release form?

Yes, I do! It's included in ALL of my sessions and weddings. I also do have a written up model release form and a separate print release form just in case.

do you have contracts?

Oh, Yes! There is a contract to sign with every session you book with me, weddings included!

Hope I answered your questions!

If you are still having questions, please contact me!

Lets Chat!

Hope I answered your questions!

If you are still having questions, please contact me!

Lets Chat!