This is the biggest wedding album of 2020

that I have ever done. When Courtney had inquired about my wedding packages and decided to hire me, I thought it was faith. Back in 2018 I had met her while she got floated to my unit and we had started talking and she had mentioned something about her getting married. I congratulated her and I told her, "Well, I'm a photographer so hit me up whenever you guys are ready!". After that day I actually never saw her again until she became a nurse and started working on our floor full time a year or so later. She was working there for some months then her inquiry popped up in my inbox. A co-worker of ours had recommended me and then the rest was history!

I say that this is the biggest wedding album I've delivered from 2020 because it literally is. There were so many amazing pictures of Courtney & Jon and their closest family and friends. I could tell that COVID wasn't going to stop them from celebrating their love. The day was so relaxed and Courtney had everything ready for my second shooter and me. As the day progressed I could tell they had been waiting a long time for the day to come. See, Courtney & Jon had been together for a long while and life got in the way.

Well, the day had come and it was definitely one for the books.