Kaitlyn & Zac

So, I met Kaitlyn through Instagram which sometime's rarely happens to me. The majority of my inquiries come from word of mouth or Facebook. Well, when her best friend had reached out for her of course I got all super excited. At first, I was afraid it wasn't going to work out because weddings are expensive and there are budgets to be kept, but no big deal. BUT NOW HERE WE ARE! When I first met them in person, I tried to chill on being overly excited because I'm that extra. I thought to myself, "OMG they are too adorable and I get to take pictures of them! -insert big eye emoji-".

I had bought them lunch and we got to talking and she says, "You actually have taken pictures of one of my clients before". I'm all excited and I say "Oooh, who!?" and of course she shows me a picture of one of my best friends, Erin.

Okay, now this is a small freakin world. After that, I was just so excited to be a part of their wedding journey. These two are absolutely awesome and so smiley and I LOVE IT.

I love all smiley couples.


(P.S. we walked into the wrong restaurant but totally went with it.)